Les "Yates" en France ?

How many Yates are there living in France ?
There are 2 of us (not related) in Rhône (69), what about the other Depts ?

This is the KennelPage for Steve Yates, currently living in the Rhone by way of Trévoux (Ain) , Ampthill/Shillington/Gravenhurst (Bedfordshire), Falkirk (?) and originally St Neots !

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English Optimisation services :
Optimised English
Un Anglais Correct

I also offer IT and PC Support services in English for the Beaujolais region

PERFECT-IT SERVICES From Belleville to Lozanne, Tarare to Villefranche (69)

We also build websites for people that are far more attractive than this one

Stone Crest Homes Superb Building Contractor in London.

Craftman made furniture in Berlin Bespoke tables, beds, cupboards etc.